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Mega Deal Monday (On a Wednesday)


I'd like to highlight an interesting trade idea brought up by Kurosawa over at the TWolvesBlog Forum:

Here's a three-way trade I like that's been floated on another board:

Clippers give: Cuttino Mobley, Tim Thomas, Pick No. 7, Future Wolves pick
Clippers get: Michael Redd, Pick No. 37

Wolves give: Pick No. 3, Pick No. 31
Wolves get: Pick No. 7, Pick No. 8, its own future pick owed to Clippers

Bucks give: Michael Redd, Pick. No. 8, Pick No. 37
Bucks get: Pick No. 3, Pick No. 31, Cuttino Mobley, Tim Thomas

Yesterday I mentioned the idea of trading the #3 pick (if it were Beasley) to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and the 8th pick, this deal would land the Clips the shooting guard they are looking for as well as giving the Wolves picks 7 and 8 in this draft and the future pick owed to the Clippers. 

If the Wolves really do value 8-10 players in this draft, then this trade makes a whole lot of sense.  I'm guessing that Joe Alexander would probably be one of the selections and the other one would go to someone like Danilo Gallinari or...well, here's hoping that they have a level head about really thinking that there are 8-10 players worth their while in this draft.  

I'm not sure the Bucks would want to take on 2 relatively bad contracts with Thomas and Mobley, and this is probably the sticking point that would tank the deal, but it is an interesting idea if you buy into the idea that the draft is a pretty even affair after the two top picks.