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More Measurements

Yesterday I noted that the measurements from the Orlando Pre-Draft camp had been released.  Today, Draft Express goes over the results.  Whether from bad writing or editing, some of their takes are confusing; mainly this one (bold italics are mine):

-Michael Beasley’s measurements aren’t that bad

A lot of people gasped at first when they saw Beasley measuring in at just 6-7 in shoes. Looking further though, you see that he has a very good wingspan and standing reach, similar to [url=/profile/Al-Horford-415/]Al Horford’s[/url] (7-0 ¾, 8-11). His combine numbers tell us a bit about the combination of strength, speed and agility he brings to the table, which will help him as a rebounder and, hopefully in time, as a defender.

Neither are Kevin Love’s- 6-7 ¾ without shoes, 6-11 ¼ wingspan, 8-10 standing reach and solid all-around combine numbers are probably better than most people initially anticipated.

Which comes before this:

Also not in great shape: Chris Daniels, Shaun Pruitt, Kevin Love, Darnell Jackson

I guess if  you strain yourself to think about it, those statements aren't mutually exclusive, however this also comes on the heels of many other reports that Love is in the best shape of his life.  To each his own I suppose.

Finally, they also have a historical look at pre-draft measurements which is pretty damn interesting.