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Offseason Primer: Veteran Free Agent Centers

If you're like me, you think that the Wolves' biggest need is frontcourt help and The Weakerthans are the best band in the history of music. Even if we draft a big man to grow up next to Big Al, Mark Madsen and Chris Richard are the only other guys on the roster who can really log minutes at center. That's not going to cut it.

While the Wolves should absolutely look at prospects and young veterans for help at the 5, this edition just covers the savvy vets. These are the guys who could teach a drafted big man a thing or two and provide some locker room leadership.

Michael Doleac - Doleac was a good character guy all season and gave all he had, but the Wolves need more and should be looking at someone with better defense and more physical play. Good night sweet prince.

Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo - If either plays another season, it'll be with their current teams.

Brian Skinner, Michael Ruffin - While not really centers by height (6'9" each), Skinner and Ruffin are guys with the strength to bang with the big boys. Although not long-term solutions, they could provide some defense and rebounding down low next to Al.

Jamaal Magloire - Magloire has played like crap the last few years. That's how it is. But if he's got any sort of pride left, he'll try to come back and prove himself. He's known as a bit of a ball-hog, but if he comes on the cheap his talent level would be welcome in the Wolves' frontcourt. Then again, if he still sucks and pouts when his minutes dwindle, any investment would be for nought.

Kurt Thomas - This man has come into his own as the prototypical veteran big: he can hit open jumpers, he can guard the best low post opponent, he can bang with the best of them and he's a team player. All that being said, there's no reason for him to sign with a rebuilding team; a championship contender will snatch him up.

Lorenzen Wright - Maybe I should've put him with Zo and Deke... but that list would've been too "one of these things is not like the other."

Not exactly a choice crop is it? That's why the young vets are up next.