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Our Miami Friends...

I'm not much for spreading Internet rumors further through the "tubes", but I have to admit this one caught my eye regarding OJ Mayo and the Heat. This is not new information, but it does continue the notion that the Heat are extremely interested in the gent, and may end up picking him with the second slot, or doing some sort of deal with the Wolves.  Here's the Saturday Scoop from Hoopsworld:

Heat Will Keep Shopping

Pat Riley continues to fuel the fire of speculation that Michael Beasley will not be the number two overall pick in this summer's NBA Draft. His staff will be in Chicago this week to take a long look at Dwayne Wade's new best friend: point guard OJ Mayo. Mayo may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the revelation that he was taking money from an agent before he was eligible to do so, but his second impression will likely turn out to be the more memorable one.

Mayo handled himself like a pro when addressing the media in Orlando during pre-draft camp. Despite being barraged with the same obvious questions about his financial faux pas Mayo consistently said he was thinking about the future, not the past. He stayed patient and positive, and displayed the kind of grace under pressure that an NBA point guard has to have.

So the question becomes: Is Mayo the Heat's pick at #2, or do they trade down to Minnesota so the Wolves can take Beasley second and Miami can get Mayo and a player from Minnesota, as well? Either way, there's a strong possibility that Mayo, not Beasley, will land next to Wade in South Florida.

Since the Wolves were able to dump Blount and Davis on the Heat last year, maybe--as a gesture of gratitude--we should do a deal with them and take Beasley. Much like the independent movement afoot to implore Obama to take Clinton as VP, this might be the beginning of my "Anyone But Love" campaign.  However, the Heat are also beginning to take a slight interest in both Lopez and Love. You can read South Florida Sun-Sentinel NBA scribe Ira Winderman's latest blog entry here, and his regular Sunday column here.  It looks like everyone other than Chicago is considering trading down, IF (a big if) the right deal can be had. Watch out for Memphis.

The intrigue continues...