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Gym Sweat and Peyote

I recently read something to this effect: Summer League doesn't show you who can play, but it shows you who can't. - My colleague Wyn, in his T-Wolves/Mavs Game Thread Post

I second that notion entirely. Based on that premise, I think just about the entire T-Wolves Summer League squad could be excused from competition, particularly the point guards. Ugh.

Luckily it's only one game; but no matter the year, or if it's summer league or regular season, there are constants for anyone wearing a Wolves jersey, including poor perimeter and transition defense, incessant jump shooting, and the lack of free throw opportunities. I remember how last night's Mavs Summer League coach--Dwayne Casey--got fired as the Wolves HC for his inconsistency. Dwayne should be thanking the Gods for his exodus from Minnesota, because this is the kind of consistency no real basketball professional would stand for.

In Wyn's Game Thread, I read Andy G's post about Wittman's interview with the Sports Huddle crew, talking about Corey Brewer's jumper. I think it's safe to say that our man Randy was telling folks what we (and he, for that matter) wanted to hear, which isn't necessarily the truth. Maybe it was the pixellated effect of stretching the video stream across my computer screen, but last night I could have sworn I saw parents in attendance practicing the "duck and cover" drill with their kids every time the Gator hoisted one of his mortar shots. It simply goes to show you what the effects of gym sweat and peyote have on a head coach desperate to find the extra 20 wins his boss predicted.

As for Kevin Love, not great but not bad. S-N-P correctly pointed out in Wyn's thread the boy is going to have to learn how to move his feet. One can't throw those supposedly gorgeous outlet passes or tenaciously rebound while sitting on the bench with foul trouble. I saw some good instincts from Love; I found it incredible that our bevy of point guards weren't instructed to feed him the ball continuously and run the offense through him.

There's nowhere to go but up with this crew; I'm actually looking forward to the next game to see if there's any improvement.