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News Flash: Local Radio Host Says Something Insanely Stupid (about the Lynx)



From KSTP:

Some basketball fans and parents are upset by on-air comments by a local radio host.

Thursday morning, radio show host Chris Baker made a controversial statement about the Women’s National Basketball Association.

The topic of Thursday's show on 100.3 KTLK was about things that never lived up to their hype.

But when one caller suggested the WNBA, some say Baker’s response went too far.

"You know what [the WBNA] is? That's a place for lesbians to make out when they score," Baker said.

I'm not going to call for the head of someone who is paid to make ridiculous comments about things he doesn't know a lot about, but as someone who doesn't listen to KTLK or other right-wing radio outlets, it will never cease to amaze me that aside from the offensive nature of these sorts of comments, anyone would find this sort of thing funny. 

It's one thing to be offensive and funny.  I get the appeal in something like that. It's quite another to be...well, this stupid and unfunny. 

This is almost as silly as when Pat Reusseeeeee called women's basketball "synchronized tip-toeing".

Boy, who would imagine that fat male commentators could have issues with athletic women?

Here's a little bit about Baker in his own words:

  • I am an independent conservative with 3 small children and a wife who I love more than anything I could have ever imagine.
  • Politically I don't see one qualified person running for the office of President nor do I think that it matters at this point. I see politicians as nothing more than puppets and gangsters and that is regardless of party. Mexico owns this election.

Are you ready for the punchline?

The candidates I supported were Fred Thompson and Ron Paul.

He then gets philosophical:

I believe in the concept of the individual. We are all individuals to start and we join groups as we grow but it is the concept and acknowledgment that we are individuals that is supposed to keep us on the right path. When our group goes down the wrong path then it is up to us as individuals to make a decision as an individual to leave the group and walk a path of righteousness.

He's not just about obtuse personal codes of conduct; he's thinks real hard about current events:

I believe in killing terrorist before they kill someone I love.


Global warming is a scam. Anyone who thinks that we can control nature is delusional.

You don't even need to dig all that deep to see that he may...just may...have a little issue with women (and gay people):

I don't exactly know who "CJ" is but it has to be a great job sniffing around celebrities and writing about it.

must be a woman because any guy who thinks he's entitled to start lecturing a football legend about drinking a free beer would be risking his life. How shocking; PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEGEND IS GIVEN FREE BEER AT RESTAURANT OPENING! Alert Larry King! 

Carl Eller is a real man and real men do what they want and it's nobody's business until and if he breaks the law. If CJ were a guy he'd still be in the emergency room trying to have his head removed from his a$$. 

Other great stories CJ could break;
Gov.Tim Pawlenty; boxers or briefs?
Are their any straight weathermen on TV?

The sad thing about this entire story is that some local news outlet will ask the Lynx to comment on this idiot's take on something he doesn't appear to know anything about.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised; it looks like he makes his entire living by making stupid comments about things he doesn't appear to know anything about.

Here's my suggestion as to how to handle this situation: everyone should take the time to visit Chris Baker's KTLK web page.  Download one of his podcasts, pop it in your car, and drive on down to the Target Center to catch a Lynx game.  It will take all of about 2 minutes in the 1st quarter for you to realize which entertainment option is actually worth your while.

You can buy Lynx tickets here.  You can get Chris Baker's ridiculous commentary for free here.  It's a tough choice, I know.  World class athletes playing a game of precision skill and agility or social commentary that you can find at the end of a bar in your local pub or on the rear bumper of a rusty old 57 GMC pick up truck with a gun rack. 


Hat tip to Jerry Jeff's version of the song: