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The Boys of Summer Are Gone

Rebounding from a lackluster game against the Bucks, the Wolves used a dominate first and third quarters to dismantle the Knicks in their last summer league game. With Kevin Love out of the line up, they looked a little more athletic; Pops Mensah-Bonsu ran the court with authority in leading the club with 21 points. The Knicks, on the other hand were very disinterested, continually jacking up shots from the perimeter. Only in the fourth quarter after being down at times by 30 did they display any enthusiasm at the defensive end. The MSG broadcasters barely called the game, bringing in a cavalcade of guests--Donnie Walsh, Nate Robinson, Jerry Colangelo--to help fill the time.

So outside of Kevin Love showing his game, what did we learn? A lot has been already said about Corey Brewer--he's a work in progress, but he had a great third quarter today. Chris Richard showed up this afternoon with a 12 point, five rebound performance, but given two veteran centers in front of him (Collins, Booth), his role on the team has to be in question, unless a deal can be made. I must admit Mensah-Bonsu is growing on me; he's the only 4 or 5 the Wolves had (or have) that seemed capable of running the court with speed if not abandon and power. Here's where the summer stints can be deceiving; New York had no quality front court talent to match up against him. Still, to see someone that aggressively attacking the basket is seductive.The odds are probably as long as his name against him getting an invite to the Wolves camp, if he hasn't actually signed with an European club.

The other player who I thought  got better as the games continued was Pooh Jeter. He didn't respond terribly well to pressure at times, but in Clyde Frazier's words he "orchestrated" the team well. If they don't make a deal for another PG or re-sign Telfair, he might be the John Lucas III of the upcoming season and get a look. Again, long odds on that one.

Otherwise for the other players it was an audition for scouts in the audience; I can't see anyone else getting a look see from this club in the fall preseason camp. Hopefully the Wolves will re-sign Telfair and make one more deal to help round out the club for the upcoming season.