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Small Area Quickness


Thanks to some crack Google-based research (and a delayed flight) I was able to find some information about the term 'small area quickness'.  

It turns out that it is a term used often in Lacrosse.  Thanks to the fine folks with the Minnesota Swarm I was able to get this response to an inquiry about small area quickness:

Hi Nate,
Yes, "small area quickness" is a term used in Lacrosse, but definetly not just lacrosse.  good for picking up "loose balls"

There you have it. 

On a quick side note, if you are looking for an entertaining sports night out, I can't suggest a Minnesota Swarm game enough.  I don't really know a lot about Lacrosse, but I did get the chance to catch a game earlier this year and it was a lot of fun.  The Swarm plays its games from late December to April.  Go check them out next season.