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Baseball and B-Ball


The timing of the recent WNBA brawl is pretty damn unfortunate.  In a year where Candace Parker hits the league with a slam, and on the verge of the Olympics, the WNBA showcased its wares to a full house at Arthur Ashe Stadium last week in the 1st outdoor game in WNBA history.  Forget WNBA history, this was the first outdoor professional basketball game in history. 

Next year the Suns are scheduled to play a preseason game at the tennis court at Indian Wells.  I'm hoping that this trend catches on in a big way. 

Like most people, I grew up playing basketball outdoors (MLK and Keewaydin).  Yeah the Minnesota winters are long but it was always a good feeling when the snow would clear from the court just enough to jack up a few shots until your hands started to get numb from the cold water from the melted snow that covered the ball. 

Anywho, my other childhood game was baseball and one of the things that baseball will always have going for it is (in most cases) the great outdoors.  When I was stationed at Offutt, we used to catch Omaha Royals games at the Blatt for a couple of bucks a ticket.  Now that we live in Mankato, we can sit behind home plate on a hot summer night with a beer in hand and...well, it's hard to beat this sort of sporting experience:


Where could the Wolves and Lynx play an outdoor game?