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Former Wolves Make a Strong Summer Showing

While we wait for the Timberwolves to play at the granddaddy of Summer Leagues in Vegas, I thought a little stroll down memory lane while Orlando's going down could be fun:

  • Mario Chalmers, Miami Heat (Orlando). I don't bring this up to dwell upon trading him, merely in the spirit of completeness. Playing for Miami is a fantastic opportunity for the miracle shot-maker; his competition (at the moment) is Chris Quinn and Marcus Banks. Odds are that Riles will find another veteran (perhaps our own Telfair), but the opportunity for Chalmers to earn big minutes is there.
  • Josh Davis, Indiana Pacers (Orlando). Josh played on the Timberwolves' 2004 Summer League team. I've always wished they would've held onto him as a 15th man. He's got a power-forwards body and can pull down boards, but the real skill he brings is long-range shooting. Sound like anybody we know?
  • Ronald Dupree, Oklahoma City (Orlando). It's probably a bad sign that his name is misspelled in the box score. In case you're wondering, Dupree is the reason that the Wolves owe Detroit a 2nd rounder. Actually, in all fairness, McHale's the reason. Dupree's what we had to show for it.
  • Ndudi Ebi, Oklahoma City (Orlando), New Orleans (Las Vegas). Ebi returns from Israel to give the NBA another go. I can't imagine how he'd actually make the roster with Durant, Green, DJ White, Donyell, Collison and Wilcox all at the 4 and 5.
  • Richie Frahm, Dallas Mavericks (Las Vegas). Go Zags? Richie did get some quality PT with the Clippers last year, but he's just not had enough staying power in the NBA yet to make me think he'll ever have it.
  • Gerald Green, Dallas Mavericks (Las Vegas). I hope Gerald figures out his game, because it's been obvious from day one that potential was not the problem. I'm just not sure Rick Carlisle's going to be the guy who gets through to him. At least all the guys that bought Gerald's Celtics jersey can come up with some creative ways to turn "Green" into "Garnett."
  • Bobby Jones, Denver Nuggets (Las Vegas). Jones never actually played in a Wolves uniform, but since being traded to Philly on draft night 2006 he's donned six different NBA jerseys. Brandon Roy's college teammate may not have found a home yet, but he's certainly found a community he deserves to live in.
  • John Lucas, Toronto Raptors (Las Vegas). Lucas was on Minnesota's Summer League team a year or two ago, and came in again to work out for a spot this year. But apparently Neitzel, Ahearn and Jeter were our guys. Or, maybe Toronto was a better opportunity.
  • OJ Mayo, Memphis Grizzlies (Las Vegas). I'll only say this once: if Mayo blows up in Summer League PLEASE don't start ranting about how awful of a mistake it was to trade him. If we look back in 10 years and Mayo has a ring and a couple All-NBA awards under his belt, THEN rant away.
  • Justin Reed, Orlando Magic (Orlando). Looks like Black Lenin has hooked up with another NBA opportunity. He had a pretty good year in the D-League. The chances of him sticking with Orlando don't seem too good as they've already got Shard and Hedo at the 3 with an undersized frontcourt (so Reed wouldn't be playing PF).
  • Loren Woods, Houston Rockets (Las Vegas). Ladies and gentlemen, Roy Hibbert's mentor. Actually, I should be nicer. I really liked that Georgetown team led by Hibbert and Green two years ago, but I'm always wary about guys over 7 feet that don't seem terribly quick. Yao Ming is a dying breed.

And, just to help you find anyone I may have missed, I put together this handy-dandy little table of Summer League roster links: