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Surely there must be something else...

As you most likely already know, it has been reported that the Wolves have moved a trade exception and a future 2nd round pick to Philly for Rodney Carney, Calvin Booth, and a future 1st that is believed to be the pick owed to the 76ers by the Utah Jazz. 

While I'm a big fan of accumulating additional 1st round picks, I'm not sure this trade is a good deal unless the Wolves can move some of their assets for a backup (or starting) point guard.  Keeping Carney on the squad simply doesn't make a lot of sense.

Age PER PPR usgR FT/FG eFG ORtg DRtg RebR
Rodney Carney 23 12.26 -1.2 18.5 14 45.2 103 107 8.5
Gerald Green 22 7.9 -3.62 25.1 28 39.4 87 112 5.2
Kirk Snyder 24 13.50 -1.2 15.9 34 52.1 106 111 9.6

These are some basic efficiency stats for 3 players the Wolves had their hands on in the past year for very, very, very few dollars.  First off, good ol' Cupcake sucks.  He sucks in just about every way imaginable.  His replacement, Mr. Snyder, was significantly better; he got to the line, carried a 50+ eFG, and his ORtg/DRtg +/- was far less horrifying than Cupcake's.  Carney had below average stats for Philly.  His PER was below Snyder's, he didn't get to the line as much as an athletic 6'6" wing should, he didn't shoot the ball well, and he's not that great of a rebounder.  Basically, the Wolves had a slightly advanced version of Carney already on the roster.  An additional 1st rounder is nice, but...

One of the most interesting things to note about Carney's game is that 52% of his shots in his senior year in college were from beyond the arc.  He made 39.1%  of these treys.  In his freshman year, the ratio was 55/36.3; sophomore was 51/37.1; and junior was 45/32.5.  During this time of massive 3 point jacking, he carried a FTRate (FT/100 FGA) of 28, 22, 27, and 26.  Upon reaching the NBA, not only did his percentage of 3s decrease by a massive amount (18% in his 1st year; 31% in year 2), but his 3FG% and FTRate did so as well.  Is it any wonder that a guy who can't get to the line or shoot the 3 struggles to be an average or above average player in the Association?   

Let's imagine for a moment that the Wolves will keep Carney on the roster.  Where will he play?  What will happen to Ryan Gomes? Who will play backup point?  Who will give spot starts at the point should something happen to Randy Foye?  Here's how the roster looks right now:

  1. Foye
  2. McCants, Brewer
  3. Miller, Carney
  4. Love, Cardinal
  5. Jefferson, Collins, Madsen

Unsigned: Ryan Gomes, Sebastian Telfair, Chris Richard, and Craig Smith.  (I know that I'm not including Booth in this equation, nor will I as he's terrible.)

Additional 1st round picks are nice, but the only way this trade makes sense is if the Wovles can move some assets for a point guard.  Otherwise...well, I have no idea what this trade accomplishes outside of that context.  Carney is a very average player who seems to be a cross between 2 players the Wolves already had and let go.  It's hard to get too worked up about Cupcake-esque athleticism with Snyder-esque numbers.  He may play better d than either Cupcake or Snyder, but...I just don't get this trade if they don't make any more moves.