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We are living in an alternate reality...


KG on a championship club...Tampa Bay Rays in first place...Michael Vick filing for bankruptcy...the Rooney family potentially losing majority control of the Steelers... the Wolves stockpiling draft picks.

Our reality is becoming quickly distorted, unrecognizable to the ordinary public. Events once thought of as remote and distant possibilities are now concrete realities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you we are in a Twilight Zone!

Who would have thought one of the worst managed clubs in pro basketball would have---gasp--leverage? Maybe the fates changed once the Iron Ranger purchased the god awful shirt he wore at the Kevin Love press conference. Or more likely, when he traded KG and Glen Taylor brought other folks into the decision making process.

Yes, we're still a bottom feeder, but at least we haven't been contractually screwed over by a Duke player. Of course, that would mean that significant free agents would actually be interested in coming here, something there's absolutely no evidence of yet.

If we're lucky,  we'll never have to see Calvin Booth (and his trusty sidekick tattoo Cal) don a practice Wolves jersey. Or Blake Ahearn run a set for the real Timberwolves roster. Yessir, we have real assets to parlay, not just blog fodder for us to dream big about.

The mind boggles, as fans await another move by the suddenly nimble Wolves front office. How long can this reality last?