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Love Him, Hate Him or Kinda-Sorta Dislike Him



This brief profile of Glen Taylor in the Star Tribune today reminded me of something I, as a Wisconsin transplant, often forget: If it weren't for Glen Taylor there's a good chance that we wouldn't have any NBA team in our fair state.

Biggest success as a sports owner: Bought the team from expansion owners Marv Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner, saving it from being sold to a group that intended to move the franchise to New Orleans.

Biggest failure as a sports owner: Did not parlay superstar Garnett's presence for 12 seasons into anything more than one unforgettable season, a springtime run to the 2004 Western Conference finals.

But, truth be told, I wasn't around when the possibility of moving the team came around. How do you born-and-bred Minnesotans remember that going down? Was there another option for the Wolves to stay in Minnesota, or was it Taylor vs. New Orleans? What was public opinion like? Was there anything even close to the Save Our Sonics movement?