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Morning Wolves Reading


  • Bleacher Report says Randy Foye's more important than anyone in turning the Wolves' record around. I've never heard anyone use the term "PGE" (Post-Garnett Era). Not sure whether I like it or not. They also call Witt "arguably, the NBA's worst head coach." Ouch. I've been plenty doubtful about Wittman, but worst? Regardles, I have to agree that if this team is to take a major step forward this year, Randy will have to play very well. There should be less pressure for him to score with Al and Mike Miller likely being options 1 and 2, but there will likewise be ample opportunities for him off the ball with Miller, Love and sometimes Telfair on the floor with him.
  • has a profile on Jason Collins and Brian Cardinal. Cardinal's most often been referred to as "the worst contract on the team" but he's never been a complainer and while he's nothing special on the court, he doesn't make many mistakes. Collins, on the other hand, is someone who I think will help out tremendously. If Love and Al are getting burned on defense down low, Collins can be brought in to anchor things. He is a terrific post defender, something we've lacked (outside of KG) for quite some time (and some might even argue that Garnett's interior D was always best as a helper). As a mere gripe, moving Buckner and Walker did not "give Minnesota considerably more financial flexibility." It is rather notable that published a story that doesn't come across as a marketing pitch. Nothing against Mike Trudell, who does a very good job covering the team, but Zach Eisendrath's piece reads much more like a fan perspective than an official team source.
  • The Wolves will be at the State Fair again this year, as they are every year. They'll be in the Grandstand, upper level. I must say, as a former State Fair employee, I've always been disappointed with how the pro sports teams treat their presence. They do plenty of promotion and some interaction with the media, but the booths really don't have a whole lot going on. Corey Brewer and Chris Richard made appearances last year, but they could rally some serious press by having more appearances by players and a more interesting exhibit (am I the only one who would find a Minneapolis Lakers history display or a Minnesota basketball history exhibit interesting?). My experience has always been a couple of ticket reps and some free schedules. But maybe the market research doesn't support my opinion... in fact, it rarely does.
  • In case you're interested:

    The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking for talented, energetic and motivated women to represent the team as part of the 2008-09 Timberwolves Dancers. Open auditions for this year's team will be held on Monday, Aug. 25, with finalists being called back on Tuesday, Aug. 26. Auditions will be held at Life Time Fitness-Target Center.

  • Lastly (via Green Bandwagon) is a bit of Little Penny for your enjoyment (or at least mine):
    "I know my spots fool."