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Diary of a Madman - Part III


Kevin's Journal - Wednesday August 20th

New uni's, a great draft with Kevin Love, dumped some players with HUGE contracts (gotta find out who signed Jaric in the first place!), resigned my own prodigies, acquired better veteran talent, and I raised the bar for Wittman BEFORE I did any of the above. Am I cool or what? This means only one thing: I'M BACK, BABY!!!! It's up to everyone else now, like it always has been. Once again, I've made it incredibly simple for the rest of the org to do their jobs and succeed.  Why do I have to always do the heavy lifting around here?

I mean, just about the only things that have gone wrong this off-season are KG getting the gold in the VERY FIRST YEAR (damn that Ainge!), not finding the blasted combo guard, and Mittster not getting the GOP Veep nod.  Didn't anyone else in the Republican Party see the irony of advancing a Massachusetts conservative? Way better than McCreaky promoting his wife as Ms. Buffalo Chip in Sturgis. Am I the only smart one around here? I wrote it here first...if Barack gets elected it'll be an Obamanation!

Still, I guess we DO have to actually win some more games. I can't count on Souhan to do the "bad cop" Tribune articles/"good cop" FSN Wolves Live appearances to confuse the rubes. Come to think of it though, we could do something like the Love Covenant with PA this year after the games, with Kevin on the team and all. Note to self....

But, if we lose like we did last year, it means Wittman's out as my morning tee partner...and I'll have to put up--again--with Petersen's lobbying for a slot on the bench. I'd have to go beyond club walls to find someone; and, keeping a shorter leash on these outsiders--especially a head coach--is hard work! I can only use the inconsistency argument only so much, especially with this roster.

Well, gotta go. I'm going to watch USA Basketball trample it's opposition later this morning. Gotta love the way these goofs like Kaman got stuffed playing for other countries. And, what about Dirk? I'm SO happy I never traded for that guy. Cuban has to be double pissed--his main guy risking injury for someone else, AND choking in the clutch...against China no less. Kinda makes you wanna try to buy a baseball team, doesn't it?