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Wolves Link Dump


TrueHoop has an interview with former Timberwolves great guy Loren Woods on playing overseas instead of the NBA. (By the way, the graphic theme ties in here: Minnesota Busts)

Al Jefferson's been getting a good amount of ink (digital, at least) with regard to the 2012 Olympics in London. I certainly think Al is and will be at that level of skill in the American talent pool, but what about his game? Would a beast in the post be a big factor in International competition? Dwight Howard and Carlos Boozer made contributions (Dwight even started every game), but the bulk of the minutes at 5 seemed to go to Chris Bosh, who's an I/O big man. What do you think? How would Al's game translate to the International game?

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Mike Miller and Kevin Love are getting some Olympic talk as well.

The Bleacher Report has more Wolves content: a season prediction (via T-Wolves Blog). Warning: Contains some hate for Big Al and K-Love and proper grammar. Resist the urge to flame the writer.

T-Wolves Blog has another edition of College Wolf's (COLLEGE!) Mailbag for your perusal. Hoopus community members Roundhouse and Pants make appearances!