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NBA Schedule Released Today

The NBA released the 2008-2009 schedule today. Details on the Wolves as they trickle out.

The Europe Live 2008 tour has also been announced and doesn't include Minnesota this year:

  • October 9: Miami vs. New Jersey (Paris, France)
  • October 12: Miami vs. New Jersey (London, United Kingdom)
  • October 14: New Orleans vs. Washington (Berlin, Germany)
  • October 17: New Orleans vs. Washington (Barcelona, Spain)

The NBA is also hosting Euroleague teams in the United States this year.

UPDATE: Looks like the Wolves schedule can be found on their website. Press release here.

The first things that jumps out at me is that there are two games whose locations appear to be an arena different from our opponent. On February 27 the Wolves are scheduled to play Portland in the New Orleans Arena and on the final game of the season (April 15) we're scheduled to play Sacramento at the FedEx Forum in Memphis. Strange... No mention of that in the press release.

On the TV side of things, I haven't found any mention of the Timberwolves hitting the national stage yet.