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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Highest Paid Player in all of Italy:


The Euros may have Josh Childress, but when Earl Boykins is somewhere near the top of the salary mountain, there's still a looooonnnnnnggg way to go.

From CBC Sports:

Noted NBA little man Earl Boykins is the latest to jump on a big deal to play overseas, signing a one-year, $3.5 million US deal Tuesday with Italian club Vitus Bologna.

Andy Bountogianis of the Cleveland-based Mark Termini Associates Inc. sports agency, confirmed the signing.

The five-foot-five Boykins, 32, will be the highest-paid player player in the Italian league next season. He'll also participate in the sponsorship and marketing income of the team.

$20 says they put him in some sort of scooter commercial.   At least he didn't bolt for New Zealand's professional league (like Rick Rickert).  Had he done so, the Hobbit jokes would have been simply too hard to pass on.  

BTW: Did you know that the New Zealand national team has the nickname Tall Blacks?  Suns forward Sean Marks is a Tall Black.  The term is cribbed from one of New Zealand's rugby teams, the All Blacks.

PS: Admit snickered when you read 'Vitus Bologna'.