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Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up: Links


Former full-time Wolves writer Steve Aschburner gives McHale and Co. a B grade on the offseason. His main concerns are an un-pure point guard starting and a natural 4 starting at the 5. Tough to completely disagree if you ask me, but I think Miller and Love's passing abilities will help relieve Foye of all initiating responsibility. Moreover, despite long-term concerns of getting beaten on defensively, Al more than held his own offensively at the 5 last year.

Basketbawful has a rebuttal for Aschburner's characterization of McHale. With video proof. After watching that second video, it's not hard to see where Al's been getting ideas for his moves (as if we hadn't been told enough). Plus, if you're worried about Love being able to play his below-the-rim game effectively against bigger NBA competition, McHale should be one of the best tutors he could have.

Apparently Shad really likes to go to clubs. According to The Vegas Eye, he was at the LAX Nightclub over Labor Day weekend (As were Antoine Wright, Damon Jones, Juwan Howard and Howard Eisley).

Mike Miller jerseys were sold out at the State Fair and according to the salesperson went quickly says Gopher Nation on RubeChat. Good to see him generating some excitement.

Fox Sports somehow deduced that Sebastian Telfair is the 10th most likely player to improve this year.; I'm not trying to make any wild predictions, but I think we may have legitimate candidates for All-Star (Jefferson), ROY (Love), MIP (Telfair) and 6th Man (McCants or Gomes, depending on the rotation) this year.

Speaking of which, Kevin Love did not make's expert's list of ROY candidates. But, neither did Derrick Rose.

Wolves Watch over at MVN posts an update and division outlook.

NBC King 5 likes some of the fantasy implications for Minnesota this year. Al and Miller will absolutely be productive fantasy players on this team, although I think this guy doesn't quite have the frontcourt rotation nailed.