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Begging for Forgiveness


Okay, I admit it, I get bored in August and early September, especially when there's not much going on. After the USA'ers took dual gold, I concentrated on my A-job, and getting my kid out the door to London town for her first study abroad semester. Working with the Brits to try and get any information about visa status was like working with an amateur proctologist. (Using Ron Popeil's Pocket Colonoscopy, I might add. It works exactly the same as his Rotisserie...just set it, and forget it.)  And you thought American customer service was bad!

Then we have the political conventions, Sarah Palin, and her 17 year old daughter. At least Palin played point guard, and Obama hit a three in front of the troops, captured on video, no less. That game however, is political football, not hoops. Only a hurricane could disrupt those events.

About the only interesting items in hoops (outside of wyn's latest offerings of course) was the status of Manu Ginobili's ankle, and Monta Ellis' mysterious injury. Since the Warriors will NOT be contending for a playoff slot soon, the Spurs with a hobbled Manu suddenly look old, especially with the re-signing of Michael Finley. While the Western Conference still on average has the higher quality teams from top to bottom, teams like the Spurs, Suns and Mavericks all look like they're contending for playoff slots, not championships.

As a result, I'm left with seeing whether or not the Lynx make the playoffs (probably not), and the start of training camps. Maybe next summer we can get credentials to some event and start a controversy, just like Olbermann and Matthews.

Until then, I beg for your indulgence.