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Hello Again


Well, what started as a week or two off to deal with some work issues turned into a month of housing disclosure report discrepancies, faulty "contracted" projects, and unreported permits on the house we purchased a little over one year ago. 

From a basement shower "professionally" installed by the previous owners without moisture-resistant concrete backer-board, vapor barrier, and ventilation to the outside, to a tattered roof that was inspected "by sight" rather than what the inspection report actually said, Mrs. Stop-n-Pop and I haven't had much time for the internets lately.  We have spent the majority of the last month or so at Home Depot, on the roof, down in the basement, and places in between. 

I'm kind of taking a long-view approach to the entire ordeal; I have learned a great deal about buying a home (this was our first), home repair, home upkeep, carpentry, bathroom installation, and yes, even roof installation (both steel and shingle). 

Along the way I picked up a new 18.5 volt Ridgid cordless drill, a nice reciprocating saw, a miter saw, a cool new ladder, and the world's greatest wheel barrel (which I have used to transport 427 loads of material...literally).  I moved 16 tons of dirt and river rock while re-grading the soil around the foundation of our house and I learned how to install a floating basement wall that is completely up to code. 

For you new home owners out there, I highly urge you to read and re-read both your inspection report and your disclosure form that you signed when you purchased your house.  Check and double check for any discrepancies on the disclosure form and make sure you alert your Realtor (and any legal representation) in a timely manner.  Also, don't get so caught up in things that you lose sight of the steady stream of learning opportunities that pop their head up each and every day.  From time management to handyman skills, you can really take advantage of the situation to turn lemons into lemonade. 


(Invaluable friends from Omaha, our dog Winston, and Mrs. Stop-n-Pop [way in the back] re-grade the area around our foundation.)

Anywho, now that my internets are back up and running (thanks to a Home Depot course on basement remodeling and a presentation on the importance of wireless networks), I am back in action just in time for the Wolves to open up training camp a hop, skip, and a jump away from my soon-to-be-completely-redone-house.

I'm hoping that I see a few of the players around town as well as get the chance to go check out any open sessions they may put on up at Minnesota State.  I'm really hoping that the front office gets on the SNP train and gets Shaun Livingston in real quick-like. 

Oh, one final thing: as if this whole home thing wasn't enough, I re-injured my knee that was dislocated with a 3rd degree sprain (along with a dislocated hip and a fractured wrist) while playing in a military league.  I did this while climbing down from a ladder.  I guess this is what you get for turning 30 after playing tons of basketball and running upwards of 80 miles per week (yours truly ran a 15:22 5k a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) from age 18-26.  I don't have any happy stories about this little incident.  I do have to say that it is pretty amazing how quickly you can put on the pounds when you're removed from working out for a few weeks.  Oh well, I have until November to get into shape for men's league and to get ready for the Wolves' season.

In lieu of basketball, let's put forward a little comment thread.  What's the worst thing that has happened to your home/apartment?  How did you deal with it?  What's the worst sports injury you've ever had?  Happy topics, I know...but...well, the season is almost here.

PS: It never hurts to have great friends and neighbors.  Thanks to everyone who helped out during the last month.  I owe you all lots of beer and home-cooked Okie BBQ.