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Diary of a Madman - Training Camp Edition


Journal Entry - September 24, 2008

I'm excited, Glen's excited, heck, I think even Shooter Walters over at the Pi Press is excited about this season. Not to separate my shoulder by patting myself on the back, but what other sports executive can generate this much enthusiasm for a 20 win team? Not many, I'll tell you. The only things left for me to do would be to sign that Livingston kid and find some Palin-esque rimless glasses (men's, of course). I gave the club a makeover with new uni's, right? Why shouldn't I turn myself out? I won't slick back my hair like Riley, so rimless glasses would be a perfect compromise, a real new look for me. If only I could limit my media exposure like Sarah does...note to self.

But training camp is right around the corner, so I guess I do have to show up for media day and tell everyone how much better we're going to be. I love to see Wittman sweat when I mention the 20 win improvement. It's like doubling the bet with Chuck Barkley on the 18th hole, I can't lose! I have added talent, worked with the cap...if we go into the crapper, it's not my fault. The only thing that could wrong this year is if Mayo wins ROY. I'll have to go into Foye mode, and do the whole " you have to judge a player over the course of a career" rap again. I can't dip from that well too often, but I have every confidence we're going to do great this year. I love this bunch of kids; I traded for and drafted them, didn't I?

Maybe I should really shake things up and get Steph back here when the Knicks let him go at the end of the week. He knows he screwed up when he left here, KG is gone, and he makes more money than Big Al. I've heard he's in great shape, and if he doesn't work, it would be all Steph's fault, since he hasn't gotten along with anybody, anywhere. If it does work, it's the playoffs, baby, and I could leave...ah, who am I kidding, he'll never come here. And do you know what? We don't need him.  We'll be just fine, I absolutely love this team. I just hope Randy can do something with them...