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Dear Vikings fans:



It's not too late to get on the Wolves' bandwagon.  While you may have heard many, many nasty things about Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale (most of them are probably true), their lack of proficiency is nowhere near as awful as the gross ineptitude exhibited by your home team's El Capitan. 

I write this because I live within earshot of several die-hard Vikings fans who spend their Sundays yelling loudly at their teevees while their favorite squad engages in what can only be described as the most unwatchable brand of sports entertainment in the upper-Midwest, if not the nation.

While the NBA has its fair share of unwatchable action (seriously, the Grizz/Wolves April matchups can be...well, bad), it isn't the diluted, everybody-run-into-eachother-overexposed nonsense that passes for football these days...especially here in Purple-ville.

The Wolves are about to open training camp on the 30th of September.  They have a wonderful new draft pick, a fantastic-shooting wing player, and one of the finer old-school post players in the league.  They even have a coach with more experience and knowledge of the game than does the lowly Purple.  Seriously, Witt is miles ahead of your boy Chilly.

Do your blood pressure some good and give up on the unwatchable Purple.  The NFL sucks anyway--it's nothing but a bunch of steroid-injected specialized beasts running into each other as fast as they can.  Here in Minnesota, it's an especially crappy proposition as fans have to pretend that their team has a chance when it is run by a man who clearly has no idea what in the hell he is doing.  At least the Wolves are headed in the right direction.  The Vikings bet their Super Bowl window on a D-IA QB and not only has this obvious failure failed, but even when they finally managed to open the checkbook and pay for a real defense, their "kick-ass" offense is now being helmed by an over-the-hill backup who receives his play calls from an in-over-his-head idiot who does not appear to be capable of speaking in complete sentences.

So, welcome aboard the Wolves bandwagon.  There aren't many of us on this thing yet but at least it's headed in the right direction....and with a lot less heartburn.