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Training Camp Roster Set (?)

The Pioneer Press is reporting that the Wolves have signed Rafael Araujo, Blake Ahearn and Chris Richard.

See the contract info page for updates. While we don't have specifics, it's almost impossible that Araujo and Ahearn got guaranteed deals. Richard, however, seems to be a 50/50 proposition on a guarantee. I've never seen a situation where someone signed their qualifying offer as a partial guarantee, so my gut says Richard's contract is guaranteed.

So, the current training camp roster for tomorrow, in all its glory:

  1. Blake Ahearn, G
  2. Rafael Araujo, C
  3. Calvin Booth, C
  4. Corey Brewer, F/G
  5. Brian Cardinal, F
  6. Rodney Carney, G/F
  7. Jason Collins, C
  8. Randy Foye, G
  9. Ryan Gomes, F
  10. Al Jefferson, C/F
  11. Kevin Love, F/C
  12. Mark Madsen, F/C
  13. Rashad McCants, SG
  14. Mike Miller, G/F
  15. Kevin Ollie, PG [UPDATE]
  16. Chris Richard, F/C
  17. Craig Smith, PF
  18. Sebastian Telfair, PG