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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Links



Yes, two of these are posted as FanShots. But I've got to make it look like there's more going on out there than there really is.'s prospect guru David Thorpe has rookie rankings out. Guess who he ranked #3 and #6 respectively? That would be Love and Mayo. He even goes as far as saying he doesn't see much upside (or downside) with Mayo.

The Oklahoman (hat tip to T-Wolves Blog) ranks "Minnesota Timberwolves" 20th on the NBA nicknames list. He also gives props to Los Angeles Lakers, which rolls off the tongue now, but was taken from the Minneapolitans. I don't find much to object to with his list.

HoopsWorld has a pretty extensive 2009 preview for the Wolves (now viewable in Google Chrome, thanks to Pants). Everybody's got them 4th in the Northwest, and I think it'll be very tough for them to overcome that. Utah, Portland and Denver should all be better than us this year, but Denver's the prime candidate for utter implosion.

Hardwood Paroxysm and The BlowTorch (two excellent general NBA blogs) have slaved away in their laboratory and created the NBA Blogger Periodic Table. Yes, Hoopus made the cut. In fact, we correspond with platinum. That's right, platinum.

In case you hadn't heard Timberwolves pick/Heat guard Mario Chalmers was busted for smoking grass at the Rookie Orientation with his Kansas teammate Darrell Arthur. We've talked a lot about wishing Chalmers was a Wolf, but what about now? This would've been awful press in Minnesota (not that it's good in Miami or Memphis, but I think our market would've been harder on him than those two).

Danny Granger's extension talk is heating up. As Pants commented in my post about Rashad, there's little downside to waiting. Nonetheless, I'm interested in seeing what classmates closer to his skill-level (than Paul and Williams) get.

If you read one part of this read this part: I'm re-opening the calls for our nomination of the biggest waste of space on our current roster. While I haven't gotten more clarification as to the criteria, I think it just indicates that it's an Open Bracket. So, I'm interested in what ya'all think. Who's our worst player? What's our worst contract? Worst attitude? Worst ____?