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A break from your regular programming...



This is a T-Wolves site but we also like to throw in bits and pieces of Minnesota b-ball action.  For die hard hoops fans one of the year's best games takes place tonight in Mankato when the defending D-II champion Winona State Warriors take on nationally ranked Minnesota State.  You won't find a better college contest all year in this state.  The game starts at 8 and the joint will be a'rockin.  If you enjoy Howard Pulley, this is right in your wheelhouse.  Until Tubby came to town, the Warriors were the best college team in the state.  They've been in the last 3 national championship games.  If you ever have a chance to catch one of their games in Winona, do so.  It's a fantastic atmosphere:

Also, Winona State lost perhaps the most heartbreaking national championship game in the history of college any level.  Seriously. 




It should be 3 in a row. That game also ended Winona State's 57 game win streak. If that game was for the D-1 national championship, it would be talked about for a century.  It was that good of a contest.