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Soak It In


It's very difficult for our species to live in the present. Whether we're busy regretting the past, basking in nostalgia, or fretting about tomorrow, enjoying a moment in life is a special thing.

Now is the time, fellow Timberwolves fans, for us to stop and smell the roses. We're on a 5-game winning streak (good for longest in the league, as PoorDick pointed out in last night's comments), we're undefeated in 2009, and we're 7-3 in our last 10 games.

John Hollinger's stat-based rankings have the Wolves sitting at #20 this morning.

Today is our day. Resist the urge to think about the draft order. Put the upcoming schedule out of you mind. Today is the day to think about how well the Wolves are playing.

Soak it in.


The numbers from our last 10 games: