Discount Ticket Offer - T'Wolves Vs. Detroit - Wed Jan 28th



I am pursuing my MBA at St Thomas University and am enrolled in Sports & Entertainment Marketing this term.  Our project is to develop a sales & marketing plan with the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Our group has put together the following offer:


Timberwolves vs. Detroit Pistons

Wednesday January 28th - 7pm game


The offer we’ve negotiated for is –

Lower Level - $50 ticket for $35 each

Upper Level - $20 ticket for $10 each


This offer has 2 positive components.

1.       You don’t have to buy 20+ seats to get the group rate.  You can buy as few as 1 seat and get this rate.

2.       The $10 price is lower than even the normal group rate of $15 for upper level tickets


This seat chart show you were the $50/$20 seats are located -

To order you can go here -


·         If you have a group and want to sit together put all the tickets on 1 order form.  If you have a group of 20+ you should submit your group name to Erica Noah (e-mail below) to be displayed on the scoreboard during the game and the group leader will receive a Timberwolves gift bag.

·         Please use the Special Offer Code: USTG2 in order to access the special ticket offer.

·         New users will then be prompted to set up an account (on the right-hand side).

·         All tickets must be purchased with a valid credit card.

·         Tickets will be emailed to the account holder directly.

·         **If you do not receive your tickets within 30 minutes please email or call Erica Noah at 612-673-8341.


PS - I got approval from Stop-n-Pop to post this