Carney vs. Brewer

Wow, it sure does look like Carney is going to give us everything, and I mean everything that we thought Brewer was going to give.  He's not a shot creator, but when he's confident, he hits the open 3, slashes to the hoop, finishes outstandingly, and even plays very good defense.  And he's a way better athlete than Brewer.  I must say I'm surprised because he looked like garbage earlier in the year.  I have to say I'm much less concerned about the SF position for the wolves in the future.  PG and C are really now the biggest needs.  That being said, Bassy has been playing very nicely lately, but I'd still like to see him come off the bench and be a top notch bench guy.  We need complete PG who can be counted on to handle it in the clutch, and play some D.  But back to Carney, is he a legit part of this teams future?