Zgoda-McHale exchange

Jerry Zgoda made some very interesting comments in his blog the other day:

Kevin McHale sat down in his customary chair after his team came from behind with a 32-24 fourth quarter to beat the Suns in Phoenix tonight, reached up and slapped me hard on the chest.

“How ’bout that?” he beamed. “We win the last game you’ll ever cover.”

I couldn’t tell if he was overjoyed because his team now has won six of seven and seven of 10 games and beat a team with a winning record for the second time this season.

Or if it was because he wishfully — and, hopefully, wrongly — was thinking the Star Tribune now is out of business because it filed for bankruptcy Thursday evening.

In the comments section, someone wrote the following:

Jerry’s post really makes it sound like McHale was gloating about the Strib…I hope I’m not right? Pretty petty if so. I’m chalking it up to tone not coming across in print, I hope I’m right.

To which Zgoda responded:

Well, he said it with a smile and a laugh, but the look in his eyes said it wasn’t a joke. These guys are so out of touch. They live in a world unfamiliar to you and me and I think they have no concept that there are people out there struggling day to day and worried about their jobs and their futures.

Man...just when I was starting to like McHale.  I don't know how much his political leanings come into this, but to my mind this episode shows a serious lack of class.