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GameThread: @ Milwaukee


Not what I would consider "accurate" branding.

The 600 Project | Brew Hoop | Yahoo

You have to feel bad for Bucks fans. They've had some bright spots here and there this year (Skiles has definitely improved their D and did anyone notice Charlie Villanueva's last 4 games?), but nothing that swings a majority of fans toward "Playoffs!" or "Rebuild!" But losing Michael Redd for the year has to really hurt the morale in Brew Town.

The expectation is that they'll see our Telfair / Foye / Gomes / Smith / Jefferson and raise us a Luke Ridnour / Ramon Sessions / Richard Jefferson / Charlie Villanueva / Dan Gadzuric.

And for all ya'all suckers that don't know: I'm a cheesehead by birth. So while I'll be pulling for the Wolves, go easy on my Bucks. The names Marty Conlon and Blue Edwards still have a lot of meaning to me.