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First World Problems


"They're winning against losers."  "Everyone they play is hurt." "They really won't be tested until Boston and LA." "Yeah they're winning but they're doing so against inferior competition." "She's a troubled artist."  

Sorry, the picture of little Ms. Heroin Pincushion got me distracted on the last one. 

Yours truly was not able to watch the game last night.  You see, I paid for League Pass Broadband but the game was blacked out even though I live out of Channel 45's range (and a mile from Papa Glen's house), have no cable (it's the devil), and am 80+ miles from the arena.  Since the game was Wolves/Bucks, not even overseas pirates were going to put the game on line.  I was all set to go watch the tilt at the gym when I remembered that we have some friends coming over this weekend and I promised them I'd cook them some Onglet Gascon with homemade French Fries and that I had no demi glace in the freezer.  Thankfully, I had a few veal bones in the deep freeze and I was able to boil up a nice veal stock and this morning I'm bringing the whole thing down in a pot of shallots and red wine reduction.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to skimp on the presentation because I can't seem to find a good veal bone with enough marrow to serve as an appetizer that will, with the fries, soak up all the juices when I serve the steak. 


My god, I need to shower after writing that.  Although, after reading it a second time, I think I have a future as a NY Times conservative columnist.

Bottom line: Wolves are putting food on their fans' plates and I was unable to watch the game.  It can't all be gourmet and I may have to catch a few contests on the radio.  What did you guys think of the tilt?  Did anything stick out?  You can leave your observations in the comments or in a FanPost.  Your help would be much appreciated. 

You can read a Bucks' fan's take over at Brew Hoop.  Weirdly enough he is rocking a 1st/3rd world thing this morning as well:

The Wolves feasted on a thin Milwaukee club plagued by a talent famine at the Bradley Center. Short on star players, short on scoring options, even short on layups, the Bucks fell short to Minnesota, 90-83.

I think saying a professional sports team is starving with a talent famine qualifies as a First World Problem.