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GameThread: vs. Detroit


I thought it was Jack Donaghy for a second. (via)

Need4Sheed | Detroit Bad Boys | Star Tribune |

Tonight begins a stretch of games that will truly test the Wolves' recent rise in the win column. They passed the Chicago and Milwaukee tests, but their next 7 games running to the All-Star break look like this:

  1. 1/28 vs. DET (24-19)
    1/30 vs. LAL (35-9)
    2/1 @ BOS (37-9)
    2/3 @ IND (17-28)
    2/4 vs. ATL (26-18)
    2/7 @ HOU (28-18)
    2/8 vs. TOR (18-28)

Beating Detroit tonight would seal our first series sweep of the season and provide a little momentum going into 2 games against defending Conference champs and League champs.

The game's on FSN and KFAN tonight. Go Wolves.