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Game Thread: The Mikan Cup


It will be an interesting night at the Target Center. Minnesota's original lost squad returns with one of the top 5 players on the planet and the best record in the NBA. I'm not really sure a win will be an indicator of success tonight; if the Wolves can keep it close with a pace near 93, an OE of 110 or above, ft/fg neutrality, and an OReb% above 30, it would be a tremendous development, as they will have taken McHale ball up against the best in the league without sacrificing key indicators of what has brought them success thus far in the new year. Sometimes other teams are simply better than the good guys. There's not much you can do about that except maintain your style of play and go hard on every possession.

I gave a quick Q&A to LABallTalk. You can read the results here. For more Laker takes you can check out the The Kamenetzky Brothers and The Lakers Nation.

Here's hoping for a victory and no collapsed lungs.