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Oklahoma Karma

Wow.  First of all, I am an Okie by marriage and I have family in Wewoka, Shawnee, Edmund, and Piedmont.  I like Oklahoma and I think OKC and Tulsa are underrated cities to live in, especially by northerners who have never been there. 

That being said, by taking the team from Seattle, basketball fans of Oklahoma have angered the basketball gods and are now visited with a product so horrible and unwatchable that it is unworthy of a game wrap of its own. 

Actually, that's only half true.  Last night's game was not available on NBA Broadband and was not streamed elsewhere on the internets.  Thankfully, the game was available locally (for a change) on KTOE and I listened to Al Horton and Kevin Lynch make their way through a blowout victory with stories about hot dogs and ref camps.  In other words, you should head on over to Britt's place for a recap from someone who actually watched the game. 

I will say this: this year's radio team is really coming around and Rashad McCants entered yesterday's blowout with waste of NBA roster space human victory cigar Mark Madsen.  When was the last time Wolves fans have enjoyed a human victory cigar? 

As was noted in the game thread comment section, perhaps Shaddy needs a mental health assessment.  I don't think the poetry therapy is cutting it. 

Well folks, what did you think about last night's game?  Is there much to say about a blowout against a dog of a team that didn't try a lick?  Is Russell Westbrook the best rookie guard in the league?

What say you?

PS: As an additional way to spend your time, you could head on over to the Wolves' site and check out this Jonah Ballow interview with Starbury.  Interesting stuff.

UPDATE: It should be mentioned that the Wolves' current 4 game win streak is their 1st 4 game win streak since January 7th, 2007, when the team was coached by Dwane Casey.  This is especially notable because Casey was fired soon after this win streak because he was too "inconsistent".  (I know there is a McHale quote out there about "winning 4 and then losing 4"; I wish I could find it.)  It will be especially interesting if McHale exactly matches Casey's  "inconsistent" pre-firing record.  At this point in the game, I think such a record would be considered a success for OBZs.  In a weird way, I think McHale is paying back the basketball gods for his poor treatment of Casey.  The Disaster in Dallas/Casey's Revenge may have been a large chunk of the ying that the Wolves needed to pay in order to make up for their yang.