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Kevin Love breaks the 4th metacarpal on his left hand


Here is what a broken 4th metacarpal looks like.  According to a few WebMD-style sites, it takes about 4-6 weeks to heal.  

UPDATE: According to our doctor sources (including one physical therapist for a local sports team), this is a 4-8 week recovery depending on the type of use after the cast is removed.  Probably closer to 8 weeks for a high contact sport like basketball. 

UPDATE ii: Zgoda reports that Kahn says an early estimate is 6-8 weeks.

UPDATE iii: While we're at it, let's use this post as a quick wrap up of the game:

  • The Wolves' 1/2 court offense is a mess and it's not just the result of a transition to a new system.  At one point in the 3rd quarter, Ramon Sessions, Ryan Gomes, Wayne Ellington, and Damien Wilkins were 0-20 from the field.  They finished with 3 made field goals.  This team needs shooters in a bad way.
  • Wayne Ellington is suffering from a big case of not being decisive with the ball.  He needs to have more catch-and-shoots instead of putting the ball on the floor.  He was 0-9 from the field before catching-and-shooting a corner three.   He looks apprehensive when the ball heads his way. 
  • Moving to the other end of the spectrum is the White Hole, Oleisky Pecherov.  Granted, he makes a decent amount of shots but he is without conscience.  His late three attempt was beyond-the-pale bad and Kurt Rambis is to be applauded for his restraint in not choking the White Hole on his return to the bench.
  • The Chicago broadcasters were brutal.  At one point in the game they spent a good minute or so talking about the class in which Benny the Bull goes about his business conducting between-timeout fan activities. 
  • Jonny Flynn showed some promise in this game by getting 8 assists and ending with a +1.  There was a period in the 2nd half where he was able to get his teammates open looks on just about every trip down the floor.  Granted, his teammates didn't exactly capitalize on the open looks, but they were there.
  • Before he left with a broken finger, Kevin Love was being man-handled by Tyrus Thomas.  It's the preseason but Love has been on the wrong end of the +/- equation so far this year. 
  • The Wolves are going to put up some weird boxscores this year.  Early in the 2nd half they had more turnovers than the Bulls, 10 less FTAs, and a far worse FG% but were only down by 3 because they had 10 more field goal attempts.  They ended up with a -10% on FG%, -12 FTA, -2 reb, and even turnovers.  They only lost by 4.  That's weird. I'm not sure how they ended up with 11 more shots. 
  • The Wolves played their best stretch of ball with Love and Al Jefferson on the bench.

That's about it. 

What say you?