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Personnel Notes (10/21)

Today Jerry Zgoda had more information on both the player development position (with a candidate list that still features all ex-Wolves) and a new front office position to serve as what appears to be a team psychologist.

Wolves basketball boss David Kahn entertained Dr. Yolanda Brooks, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist who has worked with NBA and NFL players, at Tuesday's game. The two discussed a player-development position intended to help Wolves players with off-court issues.

Kahn said the team still is considering candidates for another player-development position focusing on basketball skills. Former Timberwolves Darrick Martin, Tony Campbell and Chris Carr have interviewed for the job.

Zgoda also said David Kahn was looking to end relationships with Mark Blount and Antonio Daniels by the end of the week. The League deadline for rosters is Monday.

Lastly, Jared Reiner has been released. The roster's down to 16 (including Daniels and Blount) which probably means that it won't change before opening day. But, then again, David Kahn has managed to keep us on our toes all summer, so far be it for him to stop now. For everyone who joined the pool, Jason Hart appears to be the sole survivor from the training camp invites.