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Portland takes first step to make all of its games available on-line

I got this link via the good folks at Blazers' Edge:

How much will streamed games cost?
Fans can purchase the entire 15-game package for $39.99, or purchase on a game-by-game basis for only $3.99 per game.

Which 15 games are included in the package?
October 27 vs. Houston; November 6 vs. San Antonio; November 20 at Golden State; November 28 at Utah; December 1 vs. Miami; December 15 vs. Sacramento; December 25 vs. Denver; January 10 vs. Cleveland; January 15 vs. Orlando; February 3 at Utah; February 6 vs. LA Lakers; March 12 at Sacramento; March 21 at Phoenix; March 31 vs. New York; April 14 vs. Golden State.

Will the games be in high definition?
Yes. We have formed a partnership with a company called RayV to handle the video streaming and e-commerce. RayV will offer a high-quality, high definition stream. The company, a leader in streaming sporting events, has an impressive client list that includes NBA League Pass (Europe) and Fox Soccer Channel.

How can I sign up?
Season pass: We expect the registration page to be accessible via on Friday, October 23, at which point fans can register for the 15-game season pass.

Single game: Fans wanting to purchase on a game-by-game basis can register any time on the day of the game.


This is great news, but when will the Comcast games become available?
While the KGW announcement provides us a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ streaming technology, we recognize that the games you are waiting to see are those many of you can’t see on Comcast Sports Net Northwest.

At this point, the Blazers are in direct discussions with Comcast on a partnership that would bring the entire CSN NW cable package online. The time frame to work out those logistics is November/December. The expectation is that by the first of the calendar year, we would be able to provide those games online in partnership with Comcast.

So have the Trail Blazers given up hope of a distribution deal between Comcast and the satellite companies?
No, we are still encouraging all parties to continue their negotiations in order to make all games available to all fans as quickly as possible. We are excited, though, about pioneering a new medium for NBA teams that will make games more accessible to Trail Blazers fans than ever before.

Hopefully, streaming games online can provide an interim solution for many fans desperate to see games they aren’t currently getting. We are committed to making this happen as soon as the logistics can be worked out with Comcast.


The Wolves currently have 20 games that will be unavailable for viewing on either FSN-North or Channel 45.  If you do not have cable or League Pass, and you live in the metro area, you will only be able to watch 15 Wolves games from the comfort of your own couch.  If you do not have cable or League Pass and you live in places like Rochester, Mankato, Duluth, and Moorhead, you will quickly become much more familiar with your favorite local high school hockey team than you will with Minnesota's professional basketball team.  If you do have cable, you will need to spring $90-140 to watch the games on League Pass. 

OK Wolves, here's your time to shine.  You went along with the PA ticket plan; now is your time to go along with the Hoopus Broadband Package: $45 for on line streaming of the 20 games unavailable on local cable TV and Channel 45.  Forget the ticket give-a-ways at Target.  Allow your fans to watch all of your games from the comfort of their own home.  If anything, it is a good test-run for offering a full-season broadband package next season (if such a fan-friendly thing is possible with the league's deal with TNT).