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Award Time


I thought it would be a fun idea to put up a list of awards at the beginning of the year, guess on them, and then see how everybody does at the end of the season. I'll put my guesses up top and you can put your picks in the comments.  The winner gets 1.3 million Hoopus Points, which can be used on the good feeling of your choice.

  • MVP: Dwight Howard
  • 6th Man: Manu Ginobili
  • Most Improved: Chris Douglas-Roberts
  • Defensive POY: Dwight Howard
  • ROY: Blake Griffin
  • WC Finalist: Dallas
  • EC Finalist: Orlando
  • Champion: Orlando

What would a prediction segment be without a few made-up categories?

  • Best Player on a New Team: Vince Carter
  • Most Overrated: LMA
  • Most Overrated (runner up): Danny Granger
  • Most Underrated: Mike Miller (Yep, this one is going to sting a bit when he's finally placed on a team where his attempts to blend in actually work.)
  • Best Coaching Performance: Rick Adelman
  • Worst Coaching Performance: Brad Childress (It transcends league boundaries)
  • Best Rookie PG: Jonny Flynn
  • Rookie PG with most wins: Ty Lawson
  • Most Frustrating Rookie PG: Brandon Jennings
  • Number of Wolves Trades: 2
  • Where Rudy Gay Ends Up: San Antonio
  • Will the Wolves keep the Clipper pick? Yes
  • Where will the Wolves draft in 2010? #1 (Come on folks, it's an inevitability; they finally get the #1 pick with the 2 best players likely being a PG and a PF.)
  • Biggest 2nd Year Jump: CDR
  • Biggest Rookie Flop: Hasheem Thabeet/Jrue Holiday/Jordan Hill/Gerald Henderson (4 way tie)
  • Biggest 2nd Year Flop: Joe Alexander/Jerryd Bayless (tie)
  • Championship window closes for: Boston, Dallas, and San Antonio
  • First team to flinch in the face of 2010 free agency: Miami
  • Will Corey Brewer become a legitimate starting NBA 2/3? No.
  • Which T-Wolf gets traded first (bonus points for picking the right team)? Brian Cardinal + Ramon Sessions in a combo deal to either Philly, Memphis, or Portland. (BTW: Does it still boggle your mind that Portland didn't go after Sessions instead of Miller?)

Well folks, that about does it.  What say you?