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Now that everyone is back...


...let me take a quick moment to remind you about the other professional basketball team in town: the Lynx.  

While we sit here and run through Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic EL highlights, the Lynx have a young core with two All Stars, an Olympian, and a legit shot at the top two picks in next year's WNBA Draft:

Team                    1st    2nd    3rd    4th    5th
--------------------  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----
Sacramento            42.00  30.16  18.13   9.71   0.00
Minnesota (via N.Y.)  26.10  28.43  24.62  20.02   0.83
Minnesota             16.70  20.74  26.28  31.47   4.81
Connecticut            7.60  10.34  15.49  38.80  27.78
Chicago                7.60  10.34  15.49   0.00  66.58

For all the talk of the Wolves putting together a team with good guys and hard workers, 5 minutes with the Lynx's media guide will leave you with nothing else but the firm belief that Target Center is home to one of the classiest organizations in all of professional sports....oh, and one with a bright, bright future on the court. 

I know we are talking about the WNBA on the opening day of the NBA.  I know the Lynx don't get much attention.  That being said, I'd really like all of our NBA fans in the audience to give the Lynx a shot this year.  Take a few minutes to look at the top players in women's college ball, pick up a ticket or two to a game next season....whatever it is, just give a few minutes to the Lynx and you won't be disapponited. There is no other professional sports team in the Twin Cities with as good of a core as the Lynx and with as bright of a future.  If you love basketball, you will enjoy watching the Lynx.  Again, this team is built around 2 All Stars, an Olympian, a top flight 1st year point guard, and 2 future tip-top 1st round draft picks.  If the Wolves had this kind of pedigree they'd be the talk of the league.

Give the Lynx a shot.