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Game Thread #2: Giving Cleveland Their First Win

Cleveland will likely rock tonight at the Target Center. It's LBJ's only visit to Minny this season so this is one of those games you really don't want to miss. Will the home crowd pull a repeat of last year's contest and give Mr. James a standing ovation in the 4th quarter? Is this just a clever ploy by the home fans to lure the biggest 2010 free agent to the friendly confines of 600 First Avenue with a hefty dose of Minnesota Nice? Will LeBron go for a triple or a quadruple double? How hard will the Big Reality Star foul Jonny Flynn as an "introduction" to the NBA?

The answers to all these questions and more...tonight at 7. For those of you following along at home, be sure to check out our Twitter page where Wyn will be giving updates from the game.

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