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Wolves Bits 10/6

As they've been for the entire offseason, the Wolves are a popular topic of conversation this preseason. A couple pieces from the last two days are worth checking out:

  • Jerry Zgoda's been covering another Wolves hiring process, this time for an assistant exclusively focused on "player development." Ex-Wolves Darrick Martin, Tony Campbell and Chris Carr have all been in for interviews. It's interesting that a Kahn/Rambis-led front office is now talking to ex-players from previous franchise eras.
  • Today's ESPN chat with John Hollinger included a number of Wolves Q&As, the highlights of which are posted over at TWolvesCentral. A questioner asks about how the Wolves fare in Hollinger's PER ratings (something pagingstanleyroberts posted yesterday) and Hollinger continues the Ramon Sessions love.
  • Zev posted a link to a preview of the NBA GM Survey today, and the full survey was posted later at As Zev points out, Jonny Flynn comes up #2 in ROY (behind Blake Griffin) and got votes for most athletic and class sleeper. Both Flynn and Rubio got votes for being the best of this year's rookies in five years. Ricky Rubio got half the votes for best player not in the NBA and the whole team got some votes for most improved. Drafting Rubio and Flynn together and signing Sessions were both nominations for most surprising offseason move.
  • FanHouse had a Wolves bonanza over the last few days with their season preview, a feature on Corey Brewer and a feature on Jonny Flynn's first NBA game.

If this keeps up I won't be able to keep griping about the lack of attention the national media gives the Wolves