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GameThread #9: vs. Portland

As The 600 Project astutely pointed out today, this is the first opportunity Rambis & Co. have to take on an opponent they've seen before. There's no excuse for the Wolves' poor effort against Golden State, but it's also no small task for a coach to teach a difficult system to his assistants and young players. Pile on the fact that 2/3 of the roster is new this year and that quasi-Triangle is a recipe for 1-7. Let's see what kind of adjustments Rambis can make before getting the pitchforks out.

The Warriors game brought us the first regular season glimpse of the Flynn/Sessions tandem (at least that I've seen) and it didn't look that great. If the Blazers start two point guards against us again, I'd like to see us trot out our 2 point guards just the same. Part of teaching a new system is finding out how your roster pieces fit within that system. If Flynn and Sessions just will flat out not work together, it'd be nice to know sooner rather than later. At the risk of wanting it both ways, I still think it's way to early to make any concrete conclusions about the roster and system. If the All-Star break rolls around and we're still talking about terrible efforts and 20 - 40 point blowouts, I'll light your torch for you.

And, per the video above, since we've talked a lot about Rudy Gay on this site, what are your thoughts on Travis Outlaw as the uber-athletic 3 Kahn has said the Wolves are looking for?

Be sure to visit Blazers Edge for Portland coverage. They may enjoy ribbing us regularly, but it's by and large good-natured. Let's punish them for their weakness.