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Avoiding the Goat Hunters; Game Thread #7, Portland Style


It's that time of year again. Time to share a game thread with the somewhat emotionally draining (but always engaging) Pritch Slappers and watch as their young team of exciting players takes on our odds-and-ends collection of Beloved Puppies, future draft picks, and cap space. Hooray cap space! (BTW: Don't forget to scroll down the page and check out our newest feature: Money Talks with shrink. It's good stuff.)

It has been brought to my attention that the good folks at the excellent Blazers Edge are out hunting for our goat with a post having something to do with jello, potholes, Jesse Ventura, and Sid Hartman bestiality. Now we know how BE gets those good hit numbers: They are a specialty porn search magnet. Somewhere, some unsuspecting creep who is just looking for a good time with some jello and a pack animal has stumbled across SB Nation. Well done guys, well done. The next time someone asks us why BE is so successful, we now know what to say: llama porn.

(I kid. BE is a fantastic site and we hope that Hoopus can follow in its footsteps.)

Reading through the post it appears that Dave has been to Minnesota at least as long ago as the late 90s (maybe earlier) and in the interest of neighborly blog relations (and clinical concern for a fan base with so much projection) I would like to let him know that for every Jesse Ventura there is a Bob Packwood and for every Love Boat a county jail (or two) has been blazed. We feel your pain like I am sure you have felt ours, and may we now all just enjoy the trip to our final destination along different points of the way. We'll see you in two years when the Wolves are in the first stages of yet another rebuilding effort and when global warming has turned Minnesota into a year-round paradise.

BTW (and for future reference when your guys lose the WCF in a fantastically crushing manner to the Lakers and people want to talk about it): It will always be too soon. Also, Denny Green should have never told Cunningham to take a knee and Andersen missed because of a bad snap.

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