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Have I Got a Deal for You

I'll make it simple: The Minnesota Timberwolves have provided an opportunity for a few members of the Hoopus community to attend tomorrow night's game against the Los Angeles Clippers on them. As an added bonus, they've offered to give our group a pre-game locker room tour, complete with an opportunity to take some pictures.

Due to the short notice of the offer, we haven't come up with a contest to pick winners. As such:

The first four members to post a comment in this thread will be invited to bring a guest and join us for the tour and game.

Some Rules:

1. If you join the site today, you're ineligible.

2. If you win and can't go, you must contact immediately.

3. If you're not in the first 4, still sign-up in case of a cancellation.

4. If you say you can go and don't show up, you'll be banned.