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Game Wrap Open Thread

What do you say about a team that played like dogs against a squad that appeared to shut it down somewhere in the 2nd quarter?  I've got nothing.  I was tempted to turn the channel to a football game right around the time the camera pulled away to show KG joking around with Pierce on the bench with about 10 minutes to go in the 2nd.  It was over at that point.  The Wolves clawed their way back into the teens against the Boston scrubs, but the only reason this tilt wasn't a 50-point blowout was because Boston took their foot off the pedal...early.

I would like to point out two things.  First, at no point during this game was Jonny Flynn ever in danger of setting up a teammate for an easy shot.  Never before have I seen someone with more than 20 points get taken apart like he got taken apart by Rajon Rondo.  Flynn spent the game about 10 feet off of Rondo begging him to shoot.  Rondo did not take the bait and he still found ways to torch Flynn for 13 points (on .500 shooting), 15 rebounds, and 3 steals. 

Second, I'd like to point out this fanpost from Rumblebee:

David Kahn about a month ago implied he may not make any significant moves (beyond the draft) to improve the team before next season (such as using cap space). I just saw another comment that gives me the same impression:

Sam Amick: Wolves content to wait for Rubio in the Sacramento Bee.

In the article about Rubio, Kahn mentioned he thinks the Wolves are three or four years away and will then explode as a contender (I'm paraphrasing). This is not the kind of comment someone would make if he were planning on using cap space to bring in a dynamic player this summer, or at the deadline in February. I am sure Kahn would pull the trigger if offered a ridiculous deal, but otherwise it appears the cap space will not be leveraged for at least another year.

That's my read on it too.  I know the team will not turn up its nose at a target of opportunity, but this fan base isn't going to wait 2-3 more years with this type of product.  It's not.  There's not that many of us left.  I'd like to think that they have the time to be patient but they don't.  On a night where the Wolves played the team that turned itself around faster than any other team in the league, I think most fans are hoping for a Boston-esque approach rather than the Portland plan. 

Oh well.  It was a bad game and the late game "effort" was only brought about by playing a team that didn't give a rat's you-know-what and passed on beating them down by 30+. 

What did you notice about the game?