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Yea shooting!

When you make 23 of 25 free throws, equal your opponent's turnovers, and grab essentially the same amount of rebounds as the other guy, and you still lose by nearly 20...well, your shooting is jacked up all to hell. 

That's your game wrap.  The Wolves had an eFG of 41.8% and the Spurs carried one at 54.7%.  How did this happen?  First and foremost: personnel, especially in the 2nd unit...more specifically, the 2nd unit's wing/perimeter players: Roger Mason, Manu Ginobili, and George Hill.  The Wolves don't exactly have much wing talent in the first place and they really don't have an answer for a team with 3 guys who come off the bench that could would all start for Our Beloved Puppies on the perimeter.  Manu ended the game with 10 assists; he was able to get where ever he wanted with the ball.  Mason was 4-7 from beyond the arc, getting many of his open looks from a defense that was collapsed by a driving/attacking Ginobili.  Manu ended the game a rebound away from a triple-double in 27 minutes.

Today is going to be a short game wrap.  I'd really like to go into some issues about situational defense and shot selection but Hoopdata's advanced box score isn't up yet and I don't want to throw some stuff out there without backing it up.  Consider this today's open thread.  I'll post more after the Utah game.  Until then, your assignment is to try and figure out what Jonny Flynn does for this team when he is not scoring.