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The End of a Love Story

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I have a feeling most of you aren't too interested in Rashad McCants' breakup with Khloe Kardashian last week. Hoopus members tend to be more interested in advanced stats and the draft. More important to you is the fact that McCants is having one of the worst NBA seasons in history (or, now that his string of DNP-CDs stands at 11).

And that's what I like about you guys and gals, but I wanted to provide a brief rundown of what just happened this month. I tend toward letting personal issues stay personal, as long as they don't affect the team. But Rashad's relationship with Reggie Bush's girfriend's sister has been so public (both Kardashian and McCants have posted public statements), up to and including the breakup, that I couldn't help but pay attention (and laugh in the spirit of schadenfreude).

So instead of boring you with more of my commentary on a topic you're likely uninterested in, I'll leave you with the highlights of the soap opera:

01.02.09 / The Rumors Are True.

Rashad and I have been dating since July, but it only got serious within the past few months.

I don't want you guys to think I was trying to hide this from you- it was all just so new and exciting and I wasn't sure where the relationship was going to go. In the very beginning of it all, I felt it was the right thing to do to keep it to myself because I didn't want to force whatever this was, or make it into something bigger if it wasn't.

I hope you all understand why it took me so long to "announce" that I have a boyfriend. Try to remember that just as you are reading about my life, I am living it and still trying to figure so much out. I love that you are all interested and that is why I have a blog, so I can share my life with my fans. I can't wait to read all of your comments and I love when you guys reply to each other's comments!

01.27.09 / NBA Baller Rashad McCants Reportedly Breaks Up With Khloe Kardashian!!!

How can we be so sure it’s over. Well, according to one of’s snitches, Rashad McCants has changed his relationship status on Facebook from "In a Relationship" to "Its complicated".

01.27.09 / Rashad and I Did Not Break Up

So I just wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that Rashad and I are still VERY much together.  In fact, I'm with him in Minnesota as we speak.

01.28.09 / Celeb Girlfriend of Wolves' McCants is Fuming About Breakup Report

Timberwolves benchwarmer Rashad McCants might not be getting any love from head coach Kevin McHale, but he's still in the starting lineup of his celebrity girlfriend.

Khloe Kardashian, a modestly visible Hollywood celeb, is fuming that a gossip website is declaring her relationship with McCants is over.

01.29.09 / Rashad And I Are No Longer Together

Relationships are hard enough as is when you live in the same city, and he's in a different city everyday for games. Our time together was just so limited because of both of our schedules that we decided it is best not to be in a committed relationship. The last seven months have been great and we will definitely remain close friends.


Just know that the other day when I responded to breakup rumors, we were still together and this is not the result of either of us "finding" someone else. It was based on a mutual discussion we had and we realized that this is what makes sense for both of us.

01.30.09 / Wolves' McCants Gets Unconditional Release from His Girlfriend

Khloe Kardashian, who lives on the fringe of the Hollywood celebrity scene, is now saying that she and McCants are no longer a couple.

01.30.09 / The Truth About Khloe

What's up everybody.

I wouldn't normally spend the time to talk about something like this, but there's a rumor and picture on the Internet saying that Khloe and I broke up because of another girl. That's not true, and it bothers me that people think so. The picture that's being shown everywhere is actually of me and an ex-girlfriend, and it was taken a couple years ago.

Even though we're not dating anymore, I care a lot about Khloe, and want everyone to know the truth.   



01.30.09 / Slam dump! Khloe and Rashad Break Up!

"Khloe was devastated when she discovered evidence that Rashad was cheating with girls online," the insider says. "She confronted him, and he reacted angrily and tried to deny the story at first before admitting that it was true. He had been hooking up with girls over Facebook for the past two weeks."

Khloe immediately flew back to LA.

Khloe and Rashad, both 24, had been dating for six months. "I was so shocked;
I thought I was in a committed relationship," Khloe tells Life & Style. "I'm a little upset today, but I'll get over it. I'm going to Tampa tomorrow with my sisters to host Super Bowl parties and we are going to party the pain away."