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A Night Unlike Any Other: Hoopus Night at the Target Center, April 11th

I've mentioned before how proud I am to be a part of the Hoopus community. We're a pretty diverse (especially geographically), but friendly group who just like to talk hoops (and a few other topics from time to time). And even beyond the regular posters and commenters who I know, there's a large group of you who just like to stop by every now and then and see what's shaking. Either way, I hope you find Hoopus a fun place to spend some of your time at.

Enough mushy stuff. Since I dig you all so much, I thought it might be fun to get together and talk hoops without the use of a keyboard.

The Timberwolves have offered us a discounted use of their internal team suite. I know that people directly involved with the team read Hoopus, and they appreciate our passion for basketball. So, they're generous enough to provide a time and place for us to get together at a game.

When it's going down

Saturday, April 11th vs. the Phoenix Suns


I've been working with Britt Carlson, Director of Premium Seating, to set up Hoopus Night and she's been extremely helpful (thanks Britt!).

To participate in the premier Minnesota basketball blog event of the year:

  1. Call Britt at 612-673-8366 or email her at
  2. Tell her you're signing up for Hoopus Night
  3. Transmit to her $25 USD
  4. Use the time between ordering your ticket and April 11 to plan your outfit
  5. Show up 4/11 ready to watch the Wolves take on Nash, Shaq & Company with a bunch of people whose fervent interest in basketball borders on irrational

It's that easy.

Even if you've never posted a comment, or this is the first time you've visited Hoopus, you are more than welcome. This is no insider's event, it's the people's.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment or email us ( And don't worry, I'll remind you between now and 4/11 to sign up.