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Welcome Yahoo! Users!

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SB Nation announced a new partnership with Yahoo! Sports today. This is a very exciting change that, if it works, means some of you reading this will have clicked a link over there that sent you here.

For those new to Canis Hoopus, here's a quick tour:

  • FanPosts (right column of the main page) are a chance for you to contribute a piece to the Hoopus community. It could be a bit of your own analysis or opinion, or the start of a conversation you think would be good to have.
  • FanShots (right column of the main page, below FanPosts) are where you can share links, pictures, quotes, videos and the like.
  • Hoopus Features (left column, mid-main page) include a few things that are unique to Hoopus, including our Salary Info, Draft Info and Euro Watches (Pekovic and Mavrokefalidis)
  • GameThreads will appear on game nights and act as a place for people watching the game to chat.

I want to assure those of you who have been around for a while that Canis Hoopus will remain a place for open conversation about the Minnesota Timberwolves. This partnership with Yahoo is about collaboration and growing readership, NOT about controlling content or changing the communal nature.

If you head on over to the Yahoo Timberwolves team page, you'll see an example of what we're talking about.

Please feel free to contact myself or Stop N Pop about any questions, concerns or suggestions ( and welcome!